Heart Shield

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Mixed media. 12.5 inches in diameter. 2020.

This mixed media collage was created with found items, acrylic paint, acrylic ink , and hand-cut vintage paper. Each piece has wire or some other hardware on the back to hang on the wall.


The wood...lid (?) used for this piece was found in a 100+ year old barn at a "cabin" we used to spend time at when my daughter was little. I always thought it looked like a shield, but have no idea what it was originally for. The barn was so old that anytime you went inside, you knew you were gambling with your life. There was a whole lot of goodies in there, I'm sure, but I never had the guts to go in too far to explore. I love the contrast between the roughness and weathered appearance of the wood and leather, and the softness of the flowers and the pink.


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